Clean TeQ Aromatrix presented a valuable technical paper on the odour control measures implemented at the Bondi Road Sewage Pump Station for Melbourne Water at the 16th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering’s Congress held in Melbourne (27 September to 01 October 2015).   The high hydrogen sulphide and odour removal efficiencies measured across the biotrickling…

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Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) posts a positive start to their financial year.

Clean TeQ Aromatrix’s exclusive distribution arrangement with Advanced Cyclone Systems continues to provide support and an increasing number of great reference sites as they continue their path to growth with an impressive 65% increase in orders by comparison to the same period last year. New markets in Honduras as well as continued growth in Indonesia have led the way with…

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Visit Clean TeQ Aromatrix at this years NSW WIOA Conference in Orange

Clean TeQ Aroamtrix is please to invite you to visit our stand at this years NSW WIOA Conference in Orange on the 25th and 26th of March. Set up in booth 15, Michael and James would be more than happy to discuss any of your Air Pollution Control needs. They can walk you through some of…

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Advanced Cyclone System’s 4th Quarter Newsletter illustrates the massive potential of their innovative cyclone dust removal technology

In a country (Australia) saturated by the use of bag filters as the technology of choice for particulate emission problems, Clean TeQ Aromatrix as exclusive distributors of the disruptive Advanced Cyclone dust treatment products are proud to promote the success of technology provider, Portuguese based Advanced Cyclone Systems. Though in Australia we are yet to break the market, the…

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Biogas – Can it be a sustainable fuel of the future?

The award to Clean TeQ Aromatrix Pty Ltd for the supply of two biological biogas conditioning systems back in January of 2014 sparked interest in the industry and investment community alike. Now installed and partially commissioned, we have the opportunity to reflect and ask which other Waste-water Treatment Plants around Australia and SE Asia that we know of…

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Biogas conditioning system successfully installed

Clean TeQ Aromatrix Pty Ltd (with the assistance of Clean Methane Systems LLC) has successfully installed and cold commissioned a Queensland biogas conditioning system utilising our OdourTeQ® BioTrickling Filter technology. The plant is designed to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogas as part of a renewable power generation process. Drawing on over 20 years of…

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Clean TeQ Air Pty Ltd completes first of 3 Pump Station Odour Control Units on the Mornington Peninsula Early Connection Option (PenECO)

The Melbourne Road Pump Station is part of one of the largest pressure sewer constructions in Australian History, replacing aging and failing septic systems along the Mornington Peninsula.  The roll-out allows South East Water to offer their clients with an Early Connection Option (ECO) which allows households to connect to the new sewer some 16…

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Clean TeQ Air Pty Ltd delivers Odour Control System (OCU) for TasWater

                            The OCU, installed on the banks of Hobart’s shoreline suburb Rosny overlooking Kangaroo Bay and the Derwent River, provides odour abatement for the Rosny Sewage Treatment Plant preventing odours escaping the plant and drifting across the bay to the famous suburb…

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