About CleanCarb® Activated Carbon Filters

The CleanCarb® range of Activated Carbon Filters utilize the adsorbancy of activated carbon to treat a wide range of gaseous pollutants such as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, dimethyl sulphide and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). CleanTeQ Aromatrix offers airstream preheaters for high humidity conditions, maximising filter performance.

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CleanTeQ Aromatrix can tailor a CleanCarb® system using virgin activated carbon and other impregnated media to match the pollutant makeup, resulting in treatment efficiencies in excess of 99%. CleanCarb® is also completely scalable meaning any volume can be accommodated while still offering a material life that meets your operational needs.



CleanTeQ Aromatrix is a world leader in biological and thermal emission abatement processes, drawing on over 30 years of experience in emission control plant design and operation. CleanTeQ Aromatrix has the in-house capability to design and deliver emission abatement plants for a range of industrial, municipal and mining applications.
CleanTeQ Aromatrix invests in research and development to ensure our processes remain at  the forefront of technology. We work with major research institutions, such as CSIRO as devel opment partners.


CleanTeQ Aromatrix
provides the following services:
• LSTK (lump sum turnkey) projects
• Greenfield and brownfield EPCM projects
• Trade-off studies
• Pre-feasibility studies
• Definitive feasibility studies
• Pilot scale design and construction
• Circuit optimisation
• Equipment assessment and selection
• Commissioning and post commissioning support
• Plant operation and maintenance