About OdourTeQ® Biological Filters

The OdourTeQ® range of BioTrickling Filters and Biofilters is built on the foundation of our in depth knowledge of immobilised bacterial fixed film technology. CleanTeQ has lead the development and implementation of the technology in many applications over the past 20 years.

The OdourTeQ® process uses the natural ability of selected bacteria to remove problem pollutants in air emissions.

Our biological approach to air pollution control provides the most cost effective means of odour and VOC abatement and minimises the environmental impact when compared to traditional chemical and adsorption methods.

The OdourTeQ® technology can be used to control emissions from industries such as food, manufacturing, chemical, solvent using, fertiliser and waste water treatment facilities.

Systems are available to treat air flows from as low as 200m3/h up to greater than 100,000m3/h with H2S concentrations ranging from 5ppm to in excess of 1000ppm.

OdourTeQ® BioTrickling Filters are extensively used for the treatment of sewer gas and emissions from waste water treatment plants. The unique design allows for the treatment of hydrogen sulphide and associated odorous compounds including reduced organic sulphides, VOCs, indols and skatoles in a single vessel. The process converts the pollutants to harmless salts, carbon dioxide and water providing greater than 99% removal of hydrogen sulphide and odour.

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  • Odour Control Cleanteq Aromatrix Dimethyl Sulphide
  • Odour Chemical Scrubbers Cleanteq Aromatrix Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Odour Chemical Scrubbers Cleanteq Aromatrix Methyl Mercaptan


Comparison between Chemical and Biological systems

Odour Chemical Scrubbers Cleanteq Aromatrix

Process benefits

  • Lowest operating costs
  • Fully Automated Control System
  • High availability/Simple Process
  • Real time feedback, self regulating
  • Low maintenance
  • > 10 year life of media
  • High performance



CleanTeQ is a world leader in biological and thermal emission abatement processes, drawing on over 20 years of experience in emission control plant design and operation. CleanTeQ has the in-house capability to design and deliver emission abatement plants for a range of industrial, municipal and mining applications.

CleanTeQ invests in research and development to ensure our processes remain at the forefront of technology. We work with major research institutions, such as CSIRO as development partners.


CleanTeQ provides the following services: • LSTK (lump sum turnkey) projects • Greenfield and Brownfield EPCM projects

  • Trade-off studies
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Definitive feasibility studies
  • Pilot scale design and construction
  • Circuit optimisation
  • Equipment assessment and selection
  • Commissioning and post commissioning support
  • Plant Operation and Maintenance