About CleanStrip® Chemical Scrubbers

CleanTeQ Aromatrix designs and manufactures CleanStrip® chemical scrubbing systems for the  treatment of hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, dimethyl sulphide, ammonia, amines and other sulpher / nitrogen based compounds.

The CleanTeQ Aromatrix CleanStrip® chemical scrubbers offer robust and reliable high efficiency treatment of large and varying waste gas streams, which may be unsuitable for other methods.

About CleanStrip® Chemical Degassers

The CleanTeQ Aromatrix CleanStrip® Degassers provide an economical solution for water treatment. The CleanStrip® Technology provides effective removal of CO2, The CleanTeQ Aromatrix CleanStrip® NH3, BTEX and other such contaminants.

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CleanStrip® systems require minimal space to install and are made of corrosion resistant materials. As Cleanstrip® relies on natural processes, it requires no chemical input, generates no secondary pollution and is energy efficient, all of which results in low operating costs.


  • Accommodate highly variable loads
  • >99.9% hydrogen sulphide removal efficiency
  • High removal efficiency of other contaminants
  • Cost effective
  • Small space requirement
  • Natural process
  • No chemical inputs
  • No secondary pollution
  • Low operating costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Scalable modular system
  • Clean In Place available



CleanTeQ Aromatrix is a world leader in biological and thermal emission abatement processes, drawing on over 30 years of experience in emission control plant design and operation. CleanTeQ Aromatrix has the in-house capability to design and deliver emission abatement plants for a range of industrial, municipal and mining applications. CleanTeQ Aromatrix invests in research and development to ensure our processes remain at the forefront of technology. We work with major research institutions, such as CSIRO as development partners.


To complement our emission abatement process technologies, CleanTeQ Aromatrix has a range of application-specific media, drawing from over 30 years of research, development and operational experience. Our detailed knowledge with both organic and in-organic media provides unrivalled value for clients.