Biogas – Can it be a sustainable fuel of the future?

The award to Clean TeQ Aromatrix Pty Ltd for the supply of two biological biogas conditioning systems back in January of 2014 sparked interest in the industry and investment community alike. Now installed and partially commissioned, we have the opportunity to reflect and ask which other Waste-water Treatment Plants around Australia and SE Asia that we know of that would benefit from a sustainable solution for the pre-treatment of Biogas for use in combustion engines and the generation of electricity. Furthermore we are now considering if this technology also has a place in the Landfill Gas and Biomethane industrial segments, as we contemplate a world intently focused on finding alternative renewable fuel sources.

What’s more these renewable bio based fuels are clean, efficient and for Biogas systems with a Clean TeQ Aromatrix OdourTeQ(R) Biotrickling filter, waste free!

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