Clean TeQ Air Pty Ltd completes first of 3 Pump Station Odour Control Units on the Mornington Peninsula Early Connection Option (PenECO)

The Melbourne Road Pump Station is part of one of the largest pressure sewer constructions in Australian History, replacing aging and failing septic systems along the Mornington Peninsula.  The roll-out allows South East Water to offer their clients with an Early Connection Option (ECO) which allows households to connect to the new sewer some 16 years earlier than the scheduled connections.  Clean TeQ Air Pty Ltd working with the Fulton Hogan Deplant Beca Joint Venture (FHDB) will deliver at least 3 OCU’s to treat vent gas from the new sewer system as it provides connections for up to 16,000 properties.  Clean TeQ Air’s Proprietary OdourTeQ® Biotrickling Filters are used as the main technology followed by Activated Carbon to provide a zero odour outcome on these sensitive sites.

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