Biogas conditioning system successfully installed

Clean TeQ Aromatrix Pty Ltd (with the assistance of Clean Methane Systems LLC) has successfully installed and cold commissioned a Queensland biogas conditioning system utilising our OdourTeQ® BioTrickling Filter technology. The plant is designed to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogas as part of a renewable power generation process. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in biological odour control, this system effectively treats the gas via completely natural biological means.


The anaerobic digester produces biogas with Methane (CH4) concentrations above 50%. At this concentration, the methane can be utilised as a source of energy for power generation in a specially designed combustion engine. Typically, however,  the biogas is contaminated with H2S at levels that pose corrosion and operational concerns for any form of combustion engine deployed to generate electricity.

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The deployment of a biological solution to remove H2S is a relatively new concept with potential economic upside as the technology displaces expensive traditional chemical based scrubbing or sacrificial media solutions. This latest biological technology reduces operating costs, making the use of biogas as a renewable energy source more economically viable.

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This plant will serve as significant reference plant as we position ourselves to be a leader in biological treatment for renewable energy sources such as biogas, biomethane and landfill gas. The installation sets Clean TeQ Aromatrix Pty Ltd apart from other air pollution control providers as the only company in Australia with the capability to offer a biological system for the conditioning of biogas based fuels.