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Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) posts a positive start to their financial year.


Clean TeQ Aromatrix’s exclusive distribution arrangement with Advanced Cyclone Systems continues to provide support and an increasing number of great reference sites as they continue their path to growth with an impressive 65% increase in orders by comparison to the same period last year. New markets in Honduras as well as continued growth in Indonesia have led the way with applications on Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boilers the most sought after.


Advanced Cyclone Systems _ 1st Quarter Newsletter

Biomass and the related Biomass Boilers are one of the most important areas for ACS, which begs the question why it’s not being utilized more here in Australia. Additionally, ACS’s powder recovery area is increasing in demand, particularly in spray drying where their cyclones are able to recover product with both very high efficiency and purity.

Hurricane HR Cyclone System Wood Waste Boiler

Hurricane® HR cyclone system (10 batteries of 6 cyclones) to reduce PM emissions, including un-burnt carbon particles from a 40MWth  wood waste boiler operating at 247 088 m3/h at 303ºC.
Objective: Enable the use of a biomass boiler instead of a more expensive natural gas heat generator to heat up a rotary dryer. This can only be achieved with a very high removal efficiency.

Status: ACS commissioned and started up the system in April, and is currently working on a continuous basis.

Guaranteed Emissions: <100 mg/Nm3