Advanced Cyclone System’s 4th Quarter Newsletter illustrates the massive potential of their innovative cyclone dust removal technology

In a country (Australia) saturated by the use of bag filters as the technology of choice for particulate emission problems, Clean TeQ Aromatrix as exclusive distributors of the disruptive Advanced Cyclone dust treatment products are proud to promote the success of technology provider, Portuguese based Advanced Cyclone Systems. Though in Australia we are yet to break the market, the evidence is clear that the rest of the world is waking up to the benefits of this exciting technology. Primarily used for dust removal, this technology also has applications in product recovery and thermal energy recovery, all three of which give it competitive advantage against existing technologies. In fact the Advanced Cyclone System is so efficient that recently it achieved exhaust measurements of less than 12mg/Nm3 (in a recent biomass drying application) which is lower than any world emission limits and positions the technology as a legitimate substitute for Wet and Dry Electrostatic Precipitators (WESPs & ESPs).

ACS 4th quarter newsletter 190215